ドンナイ省のHòa Bình(ホア・ビン)専門学校に訪問しました ドンナイ省のHòa Bình(ホア・ビン)専門学校に訪問しました

ドンナイ省のHòa Bình(ホア・ビン)専門学校に訪問しました


ドンナイ省のHòa Bình(ホア・ビン)専門学校に訪問いたしました。

Hòa Bình(ホア・ビン)専門学校は、ベトナム全国から優秀な学生で学習意欲はあるが経済的事情で進学を諦めざるを得ない学生に対して、専門教育を提供している教育機関です。学生の教育費や生活費は、ほぼ無償です。


学校長のNguyễn Văn Uy氏は、その課題解決のために教会の協力を得て上記のような目的で2012年2月にこの学校を設立しました。

ドンナイ省のHòa Bình(ホア・ビン)専門学校の写真。




今回のHòa Bình専門学校への訪問でONETECH側は、日本での留学生のサポート、ベトナムでの日本語教育のサポート、就職のサポートなどを提供しHòa Bình側からは優秀なベトナム人材の提供を約束しました。




ONETECH の 総局 とドンナイ省のHòa Bình(ホア・ビン)専門学校の教師の写真。


ONETECH has recently visited the Peace Intermediate School in Dong Nai. At the Intermediate School, students that have the capabilities and skills but struggles financially are given the opportunity to further their skills and knowledge. Here the tuition and living expenses are minimal to none giving them the opportunity to build a successful career.

In Vietnam, there are many cases of young promising students dropping out of school due to financial difficulties. With this in mind, in February 2012, Principal Nguyen Van Uy with the help of the church created this school to provide accessible education for the future of Vietnam. The motto of the school, “Create opportunity for everyone to be developed, aim to improve the lives of each individual , to contribute to creating a better world” is inline with our mission at ONETECH. We admire and applaud their way of thinking and their ability to execute their ideals.

Currently with 2000 students and a 2 grade system, they are able to select from a diversity of programs that consists of Machinery, IT, Services, Graphic design, Tourism, Carpentry, Accounting, Automobile repair, etc. Upon graduating, the students will immerse themselves into developing the Dong Nai province. In addition to this, every year 40 students will be given the opportunity to further develop their skills and knowledge in Japan.

With this in mind, ONETECH will support students with the same goal by asking “ What is your ultimate goal in life?”, “Why do you want to learn Japanese?”, “Why do you want to study in Japan?”. If they have the common goal of a more prosperous lifestyle, we will stand behind them and provide them with the tools to accomplish their goal.
In the recent visit to the Peace Intermediate School, we have agreed to assist the students in studying the Japanese language in Vietnam as well as providing support while they are in Japan. Promising students in the field of IT will also be given the opportunity for employment with ONETECH.

In the future, Japan’s increasing lack of human resources will force companies to look elsewhere to ful fill the demand instead of just developing offshore. ONETECH intends to fill this gap by developing connections and providing human resources for businesses in Japan.